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Metal Sculptures

Anco Roofing System, Inc provides custom metal fabrication for sculptures of all kinds and all sizes. Create a metal masterpiece to showcase in your residential or commercial space. Our welders are creative craftsmen—we love working collaboratively with our clients to design, build, and install showstopping sculptural pieces of art. We offer our welding services in a diverse range of metals, styles, and finishes for an even more diverse range of applications.

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Weld a Custom Metal Sculpture

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded welding company with a niche skillset in sculpture design and fabrication. Our clients seek out our welders for their artistic ability and creative edge. We are passionate about working with our clients to create metal pieces of artwork that marry form and beauty. Our creations have been displayed in a broad array of settings, from hotel lobbies to private dining rooms to outdoor school campuses.

There's no limit to the types of metal creations we can craft. Over the years, we've weaved ornate patterns of wrought iron in railings and formed statement jewelry pieces of delicate silver.

If you can dream it, we can weld it.

Meet with a Licensed Welder

Book a One-on-One Consultation

While some of our clients come to us with a completed metal fabrication blueprint to execute, many others request our design expertise. In either case, we'd love to sit down with you, obligation-free, to discuss your project ideas in detail. Thanks to our advanced in-house computer software, we can even simulate 3D renderings of your fabrication ideas so that you can see a life-like example of what the final product will look like. If you like, we can also help you with your material selections. Different metals and finishes achieve different aesthetics, and we'd be more than happy to provide you with our professional insight on the best choices for your desired outcome.

When we have all the specifications for your metal sculpture mapped out clearly in front of us, we'll put together a cost estimate for your consideration. You'll be able to see all the costs of your project upfront, as well as our projected completion time.

Quick Welding Project Completion

You're probably excited to see how your passion project looks in real life, which is why we're committed to providing all our clients with speedy completion times. Thanks to our spacious facility and hard-working staff, we're able to accommodate a large volume of sculpture orders simultaneously. Naturally, our turnaround times will vary depending on the complexity of the project, but you can always count on us to honor our time deadlines.

If your custom welding project is high-priority, please let us know. We can often expedite rush orders.

Let's Get
Sculpture Welding!

At Anco Roofing System, Inc, every sculpture is a labor of love. We're enthusiastic artists with a raw talent for metalwork. Have a custom welding project in mind? We invite you to contact our team. We'd love to help you weld your dreams to life.

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